Dump Trucks, Bulldozers and Cranes, Oh My!

Air Leaks And Cold Nights: 3 Areas That Cause Cold Drafts And Wasted Energy In Your Home

If your home seems to be like swiss cheese and causing you to have cold feet, improvements to the insulation will help stop air leaks. It is not just the insulation of your home that could be contributing to many of these problems, it is also things like poor materials and lack of modern air barriers. You may want to consider improvements like adding insulation to the attic or encapsulating the crawl space to stop the cold drafts in your home. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Water Damage On Leather Objects

If you're like many consumers, you consider immersion in water to be the kiss of death for your leather items such as purses, jackets, luggage, and furniture. However, strategies exist for minimizing the damage water wreaks on leather. Following are three of them that are particularly helpful for situations where significant amounts of water are a part of the picture such as flooding or the aftermath of a household fire that was put out by water. Read More 

Painting Your Walls Made Simple

There is a lot of satisfaction in remodeling your home, or making your house feel more like home with updates. One of the very best ways that you can improve the look and feel of your home is to paint the walls. Painting the walls can transform a room for a relatively low price point, and the dividends are noticeable right away. However, it does take a little bit of preparation to make the paint look professional. Read More 

Four Eco-Friendly Roof Options On A Budget

If you want a new roof that's greener and more sustainable, you may already be aware that there are plenty of options out there. If you're worried about being limited by a budget, don't worry—you can still get an eco-friendly roof that looks good and can help save you money on utilities, all at a fair price. White Roofs This type of roof is self-explanatory; it literally means using a white material—often, but not always, metal—for your roof for the purpose of reflecting sunlight. Read More 

Understanding The Benefits Of Dry Storing Your Boat

There are a lot of reasons to consider storing your boat out of the water, but doing so doesn't have to involve loading it on a trailer and moving it every time you want to use it. Installing a dock lift at your dock is a simple solution and it will increase the life of your boat. You might be surprised how much benefit there is to getting that boat up and out of the water when you are not using it. Read More 

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