Dump Trucks, Bulldozers and Cranes, Oh My!

Know Your Plumbing Situation Before Grabbing Fixtures

It's conventional knowledge that if you work on a project yourself instead of hiring a professional, you can save money. Unfortunately, there are times where being a non-professional wastes money if you lack the experience, best-practices or even insider connections for certain supplies. Take a look at a few situations when DIY (Do It Yourself) can be unexpectedly more expensive. The Fixture You Want May Not Work With Improvised Plumbing Read More 

2 Low-Maintenance Siding Options for a Home Near the Beach

Owning a home near the beach is a wonderful luxury during the summer months, when you can take a few steps out of your door and into the water. Maintaining a beach home presents its own specific issues and remodeling projects need to keep those issues in mind. Siding in particular can be a challenge as you want a material that will resist damage from the frequent sunshine and heat. Read More 

6 Ways To Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

Frozen pipes are one of the most common plumbing problems in the winter and can create a huge mess. If a frozen pipe bursts in your home, it will result in water damage. That is why you have to be properly prepared before the cold temperatures set in. Here are six effective ways to prevent frozen pipes this winter:  Do not Keep Your Thermostat Too Low Keeping your thermostat set at a very low temperature might save you a lot of money on heating bills, but it is not so good for your pipes. Read More 

Make An Impact: Decorating Impact And Storm Doors For The Holidays

If you've got a hurricane door or other impact or storm door on your home, you know that simply nailing a wreath or other holiday decoration is not really an option. You could use an over-the-door hook, but if there's little space between your door and the door frame, the hook might not fit. While you could leave your door undecorated for the holidays, there's really no need to if you prefer to decorate. Read More 

A Better Way To Waterproof Than Tar And Plastic

Waterproofing your foundation is important especially if you live in an area that gets heavy rains or snows. You may have drain tiles on the outside of your house which are supposed to prevent water from seeping inside, but if your home is subjected to a torrential downpour, drain ties may not be enough to get the job done. Furthermore, if there is a lot of moisture in the soil on the outside of your home, it may make your basement feel humid. Read More 

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