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Three Ways You Can Protect Your Home From Electrical Fire

Although up-to-date wiring can considerably decrease your risk of electrical hazards such as shocks and fires, you still need to stay vigilant if you want to prevent an electrical fire in your home. Some dangerous but common behaviors and some little-known risks can make all the difference in whether you have a high-risk home or a low-risk one. In addition to having a contractor inspect your wiring for safety every few years, you can use these safety tips to reduce your risk from electrical fire. Read More 

Are You Ready To Install A New Heating System In Your Home? Check Out Reasons To Choose An Oil Furnace

Making the right choices about the installation of your home's new heating system is important for saving money. Oil heating systems have been in use for years and have seen many improvements for greater energy efficiency and safer operation. One the greatest benefits many people have experienced when using oil heat is its warmth, even during extremely cold weather. Check out these reasons to choose an oil heating system for your home. Read More 

2 Insects That Can Infest The Crape Myrtle Tree

Crape myrtle trees have become a popular ornamental addition to yards because of the vibrant, fiery flowers that permeate the tree's simple green leaves offset against shedding dark bark. Do you currently own a crape myrtle or plan to invest in a tree in the future? You need to learn to recognize the symptoms of an insect infestation that can cause cosmetic or structural damage to your tree. Here are a couple of the common insects that can infest and damage your crape myrtle tree. Read More 

3 Best And Worst Roofing Materials For A Gothic Revival Home

Gothic Revival homes were romantic, ornamental structures favored among architects in the American Northeast in the mid- to late-1800s. Distinctive features of the style include pointed Gothic-style windows, wooden ornamental trim and visible support beams, and a steeply pitched roof that's either a single gable roof or two gable roofs forming a cross gable. If you have a Gothic Revival home, choosing the right roofing material can help cement the overall look of your home while also providing the best protection. Read More 

The Advantages Of Cove Heating Over Baseboard Heaters

If you want to use electric heat in your home, most people go with baseboard heaters. This has more to do with tradition than with designer superiority. If you are willing to stray from the norm, you can get better performance, comfort, and safety from cove heating.  Safety Baseboard heaters get their name from the fact they they are installed along the base of the walls in your home, where your baseboards typically go. Read More 

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