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Five Ways To Improve Your Home With Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has multiple uses around the home simply because it is so versatile. The following are just a few reasons to use spray foam.

1. Reduce Pipe Noise

Pipe noise is often the result of long lengths of unsupported pipes rattling in your walls. Filling in the space around the pipes with expanding foam insulation serves two purposes — it holds the pipes steady for noise reduction, and it also provides some insulation around the pipes. This insulation can prevent some heat from hot water pipes from leaching into your home in summer, which in turn can reduce cooling needs.

2. Seal Framing Leaks

Window and door frames are prone to air leaks, which can lead to higher heating and cooling costs as well as uncomfortable drafts. The leaks usually form when the door or window frame doesn't fit snugly enough into the walls. Spray foam insulation provides a simple way to fill these often small gaps. Not only will the insulation stop air from moving through, but it will also add more insulative qualities to the frame that will prevent heat loss to the outside.

3. Fill Wall Cavities

Cavities in the walls, particularly those that are on the external perimeter, allow heat loss to the outside. If you have a wall that always feels cold when you touch it in winter, then there is likely not enough insulation inside. Spray foam can be applied without any need to remove the wall board. Instead, the installer will make a small, easily patched hole in which to apply the foam into the wall cavity.

4. Prevent Pass-Through Gaps

There are often small gaps around the pass-throughs in your home exterior, which are the places where pipes, cables, and other items pass into the interior of your home. Spray foam insulation provides a simple way to seal up these pass throughs so you both avoid air leaks and get some extra insulation on the walls of the home.

5. Pest-Proof Foundations

Pests like insects and rodents can often squeeze through small cracks in the home's foundation or between the foundation and the siding. Although these cracks are a minimal concern when it comes to energy loss, they are a major concern for pests. Wedge a piece of steel wool into the crack then fill it in with spray foam insulation. Pests won't be able to chew through the wool and the insulation holds it in place.

Contact a spray foam insulation service for more help with all of your insulation needs.

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