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Need A Low-Tech Water Pumping System? How A Ram Pump Can Help

If you have chosen to live or farm in a remote area, you may not have access to water through a traditional public water system. If the property is off-grid, you also may not have a stable source of electrical power necessary to operate the pump for a deep well. In these situations, ram pumps are a low-tech pumping option that can help remote homesteaders, farmers, and ranchers obtain the water they need from springs, streams, and other water sources. If you are unfamiliar with ram pumps and would like to know more, the following information is a good place to begin. 

Understanding the basic concept 

A ram pump is a simple mechanical pump that does not use electricity to operate. Instead, water pressure builds and causes a water hammer–type effect that forcibly moves the water uphill through piping from the source to the point where it is needed. The ram pump was first invented in the late 1700s, and the ram pumps in use today are still similar to the original design. 

Ram pumps may also be called trompes, water-powered pumps, or hydram pumps because they harness the power of water to operate. 

Considering practicality

Before obtaining a ram pump, it will be necessary for remote property owners to decide if it is a practical option for supplying their property with water. The first decision that will need to be made is whether a suitable water source is available for placement of the ram pump. 

Because moving water is necessary to allow the ram pump to operate, you will need to locate a water source that is either moving, such as spring or flowing stream, or one that is located higher than the pump, such as pond or lake that is situated higher than the pump. The higher point of the water source will create movement as it falls to the lower point of the ram pump. 

If the water will be used for drinking and cooking, it will also be necessary to arrange for testing and purification to ensure the water is safe for that type of usage. 

It should also be noted that ram pumps are designed to operate constantly. This can mean that more water is pumped than can be used. Those who decide to use a ram pump will need to arrange adequate water storage as well as a means of directing excess water to a nearby stream, pond, irrigation, or livestock watering system. 

To learn more about ram pumps or to have one installed on your property, contact a company like Coast Water Well Service Inc.

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