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Are You Beautifying Your Country Property?

If you have bought a home out in the country, you are probably enjoying the peace and quiet that country living brings. Maybe you even have plans to feed the deer and to become honest-to-goodness bird watchers. Did you build your own home, or were you able to find one that was already your dream house?

Either way, perhaps you are adding even more beauty to the area that surrounds your actual house. From contacting a residential wood fencing company to establishing areas of interest on your property, here are some ideas that might help you.

Residential Wood Fencing Services

Having a rustic wooden fence as part of your landscaping just makes sense. A white wooden picket fence would probably look out of place, as would a wrought-iron fence. But a brown wooden fence would just blend in with the nature that surrounds you. 

Having a fence won't just add to the beauty of your property. It will help to keep trespassers away from your house, thus providing security and peace of mind. The fencing company can help you to choose a wooden fence that will be tall enough to keep deer from jumping over into your established gardens. After all, deer love to eat a lot of the flowers and other plants you'll be adding to the landscape.

When you select your gates, think of choosing one that vehicles can enter with a remote control device. Then select a smaller gate for pedestrians. Forget about a lock and key. Instead, choose a gate code that only trusted friends and family members have access to.

Establish Areas Of Interest 

Think of the fun you can have establishing pretty little rest spots on your land's hiking trail. For instance, one small area could have a picnic table and chairs, another area could have a couple of hammocks, and yet another resting stop might have a playhouse for your children or your grandchildren to enjoy. Any children who come to your house would be very excited to have a scavenger hunt that would lead to a treasure chest full of inexpensive trinkets.

Have you thought about setting up feeders that will attract different birds in your area? For example, if you set out the kinds of seeds and other foods that cardinals eat, you'll probably get to see a lot of them. Hang hummingbird feeders, too. Pretty soon you will have your very own bird sanctuary.

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