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Adding a New Porch to Your House

For individuals that enjoy spending time outside, a porch can be an extremely useful addition to add to a home. However, homeowners are often guilty of failing to effectively consider all of the factors that will go into installing a new porch.

Match the Porch to Your Home's Current Exterior

To preserve the overall appearance of your home, it can be important to make sure that any additions that you make to your home match the current design and aesthetics of the house. In addition to matching the materials in the porch with the rest of your house, you will also need to match the overall design of the porch. Otherwise, it may look somewhat out of place despite using the same materials.

Ensure the Soil Can Support the Porch

A porch can be immensely heavy, and homeowners often fail to appreciate the weight that a porch can add to their property. Unfortunately, the soil where the porch is going to be added may not be able to support this weight without enhancements. Luckily, the costs and difficulties of making these changes can be fairly minor as a porch will require a relatively small area.

Close Underneath the Porch

Unfortunately, animals and small children can be tempted to get underneath a porch. For children, this can be an exciting and secretive play place, while a variety of animals may use this space to nest. Preventing these problems will require the homeowner to enclose their porch. This will only add a small amount to the cost of the porch while greatly improving its safety. For those that were wanting to use this as a storage area, it can be possible to add a hatch or door so this area can be secured while still allowing you to use it for storage.  

Consider Adding the Porch to the Back of the House

Individuals often assume that their porch will always be added to the front of the house. However, there can be many benefits to placing the new porch on the back of the house. For many homes, this will greatly increase the privacy that you can expect while you are spending time on the porch. Furthermore, many homes will have more space in the backyard than the front, and this can allow for a larger porch to be built. By considering these benefits, you may find that a back porch will be the preferable option for your home.

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