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3 Essential Tips for Extending the Life of Your Trees

Are you excited about the arrival of spring? Have you considered what effect the spring weather will have on the tree or trees growing on your property? Trees are often something to be ignored unless necessary. Maybe you like the shade of your tree, or maybe it even gives you fruit to eat. Whatever type of tree it is, however, you probably don't often give much actual thought to it. But trees can need more care than that, which you may not realize until it's too late. If it's been a while since you gave much thought to how any of the trees you own are doing, here are some things that should be done about or to them:

Pruning: While it's true that there is nobody to prune wild trees, that doesn't necessarily mean that they couldn't use a good pruning if it was available. Pruning by a qualified tree service helps to remove diseased limbs, allows inspection for insect damage, and opens up the tree for better airflow. All of these help to improve the overall health of the tree as a whole. It also helps to avoid having your tree shed limbs onto your home or anything that happens to be underneath the tree.

Watering: You wouldn't think that a big tree would need water, but this may be necessary from time to time. Summer drought periods can stress some trees and may cause parts of the tree to die off due to a lack of water. The tree as a whole may survive, but you'll wind up with more dead branches that need to be removed by a local tree service. Find out from a professional how much water your tree needs and if it might need supplemental water during any dry spells that you experience. If it does, providing water during these times will help keep your tree healthier for a longer period of time.

Fertilizing: In very basic terms, a tree "eats" by using its roots to absorb the minerals and other nutrients in the surrounding soil. After a few decades of growth, the soil may not be as full of nutrition as it used to be and your tree may not be able to grow as well. You could get a tree service to cut back the tree so its size matches the nutrients in the soil, or you could simply use an appropriate fertilizer to restore the missing nutrients. Fruit trees may need this done every year while more ornamental species may only need it every few years. Talk to a tree professional to find out if this is necessary and how much fertilizer to use, if so.

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