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5 Tips To Give Your Rural Vacation Home A Rustic Feel With Reclaimed Lumber Finishes

Are you building a vacation home in a secluded rural area? Maybe you want your home to have an authentic rustic design that feels warm and cozy. Reusing reclaimed lumber materials for features in your home will make it feel and look more authentic. The following ideas are features that you may want to use to give your rural vacation home a rustic designed using reclaimed lumber for finishes and attractive features:

1. Authentically Aged Lap Siding for a Rustic Detailed on Covered Porch Areas

One of the features that are synonymous with rural homes in North America is the covered porch. This is also a great area to use reclaimed lumber as finish materials on your home's exterior because it is protected from the elements. You can talk with a reclaimed lumber supplier about lap siding and plank materials to give the porches and outdoor enclosures a rustic feel with aged wood siding finishes.

2. Rustic Wood Floors with a Little Aged Wear and a Lot of Character Using Reclaimed Lumber

There are many options for modern floors to finish your home, but wood is still one of the best and most durable materials to use. Rather than having new wood floors installed in your home, use reclaimed floor materials to give floors and authentic aged look and character. Reclaimed building materials suppliers usually have lumber that has been newly milled with tongue-and-groove edges to be used especially as flooring materials.

3. Exposed Reclaimed Lumber for Staircase Treads on Wrought-Iron Base for Rustic Feel and Modern Design

There are also features that you may want to combine the look of rustic reclaimed lumber with a modern design element. Staircases are a great place to do this because they can have exposed reclaimed lumber treads and a metal frame that is visible. For more of a rustic feel to this modern design, the staircase structure can be made out of wrought iron, which works well with reclaimed lumber.

4. Using Reclaimed Lumber for Exposed Beams and Timber Structure Elements in Rustic Home Designs

The structure of your home can also be accented with exposed reclaimed lumber. This can be done using reclaimed beams and timbers for exposed features in areas like main living space or exposed features on porches or roof overhangs. These are usually decorative features, so there is also the option of wrapping conventional modern structural beams and columns to give them an authentic rustic appearance.

5. Outdoor Furniture and Decorative Accents Using Reclaimed Lumber for a Touch of Rustic Design

When you have finished with some of the rustic finishes inside and outside of your home, it may feel like there is still something missing. Rustic lumber materials are great for DIY projects like making outdoor furniture and decorative features to complete the rustic design details to your rural home. You may also want to talk to the reclaimed lumber service about antique hardware and objects to add an authentic touch to your home's décor.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider adding reclaimed lumber finishes that give your rural vacation home a rustic finish. If you are looking for materials to add rustic finishes to your home, contact a reclaimed lumber service to get what you need to give your home a rustic makeover. 

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