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3 Granite Countertop Mistakes

Changing something about your home means that you have high hopes for a new look. Granite countertops, for instance, look luxurious and are durable too. If you're getting them, you may have done preliminary research which makes you feel excited about getting them installed. However, with these errors in selection and purchasing, regret may be inevitable.

Choosing Granite According to Samples

An easy mistake is choosing merely granite color from among different showroom samples out on the floor. Delivered slabs could look rather different than what you believed you ordered. For this reason, hand-selection is wise. Ask how you'll be able to see the specific pieces you purchased. Sometimes, this will mean that you've got to visit the store-room. You might need to visit local slab yards personally.

When selecting pieces, ask about the lot that the slabs have come from. Usually, slabs from one lot will have the same markings and similar veins. You may go further, asking for slabs of consecutive numbers; these were most often adjacent pieces of the same block cut right after the other. These slabs will give countertops a more uniform appearance.

Ignoring the Rest of the Room

Your slabs will need to fit in harmoniously with the cabinets, table, and other parts of your kitchen. They must complement the wall paint color too, if you want them to look beautiful and not out of place. That's one reason why granite slabs should be the first thing selected when redoing an entire kitchen. If you're only working on the countertops now, do your best to bring fabric swatches, paint swatches or similar materials to the granite showroom or slab yard. 

Ignoring Resin Finish

Because your kitchen is a place where drinks are had and food is prepared, spills are to be expected. Granite, being porous, could be affected by this. Resins can seal granite and protect pieces. Acrylic resins are often used, although polyester resins are also common. However, some people forgo resin finishes on their slabs because of the urge to save costs whenever possible. This could mean blotchy, stained granite countertops. If you insist on skipping resin, ensure slabs have been polished before installation. Polishing makes slabs less porous.

The beauty of your countertops depends on the avoidance of these mistakes. Talking with retailers, discussing slabs with contractors and careful planning should satisfy your questions and enable your countertops to be just as you expect. Reach out to a company like House Of Floors for more information.

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