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Four Reasons To Contact A Tree Removal Specialist

The trees in your yard, just like all other types of plant life around your property, can die because of a variety of factors. However, unlike regular plants which can be easily removed by hand, dead trees will require a professional tree removal service to cut down. Understanding some of the reasons why you should remove a dead tree sooner rather than later can help you determine if you need to call a tree service for your property.

Protect the Other Trees

The most important reason why you should remove a dead tree from your property immediately is because it likely represents a health threat to the other trees nearby. Trees that die young are usually afflicted with some sort of disease, which can quickly spread to other trees and harm their health as well. Removing the dead tree now will help prevent you from having to remove other dead trees later.


Another important reason to consider removing a dead tree from your yard is the fact that dead trees represent a safety hazard, as they are more brittle and likely to break or fall in the event of a storm or other weather event. Falling branches can damage your buildings and vehicles, and harm you and other people who may be walking by. Save yourself the repair bills and personal liability by removing the tree quickly.

Pest Control

In a similar train of thought to the first point, a dead tree represents a great environment for pests to take up residence in your yard. Termites and carpenter ants are just two of the more common pests that are attracted to dead and rotting wood, and their presence in the dead tree means that they can quickly spread to other areas and plants in your yard, and even to the interior of your property in severe cases – which is much more expensive and difficult to have fixed when compared to simply removing a single tree.

Curb Appeal

Finally, the last reason why you should remove dead trees from your yard quickly is because they can be an eyesore on your property. Dead trees that are visibly without leaves may be suffering from rot or other afflictions and can give your property a dirty, un-maintained appearance that is simply unattractive. If you are planning on selling your home at any point in the future, or if your property is a business that needs to attract walk-in business, removing that dead tree should be a priority.

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