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4 Things Often Overlooked When Building A Custom Home

Building your own home is extremely exciting and, often times, this excitement leads to the strong possibility of missing out on certain aspects of the custom home that weren't considered. Here are four things that are often overlooked:

  1. The Future: Strongly considering your future is important when building your custom built home, especially if you plan on making it your forever home. However, even if you plan on selling, you need to consider how your home design is going to impact the resale value in the future. When it comes to thinking about the future, the most important thing is to make it expandable if your family decides to grow, you have elderly parents you want to care for, and more. You also need to think about how the home is going to support you in your growing age, so it needs to be accessible with the possibility of disabilities hindering your ability to get around as easily. 
  2. The Landscape: The land on which your home is being built needs to be maximized. The best thing to do would be to determine how much yard space you actually want, whether or not you are building a pool, and what view you want to have. This can determine where you want certain features of the home, such as the master bathroom and the main living space, which you probably want facing the best view. 
  3. The Natural Light: The amount of natural light coming into the space is also extremely important to consider. You want the most natural light in the kitchen and dining area. However, you also want it for other spaces, but with the ability to adjust it as much as you need to. This is why considering the addition of shutters is great because it allows you to adjust the amount of natural light so you can maximize it as much as you'd like. 
  4. Safety: Finally, you need to consider the safety of the home, especially if you plan on having kids or already have kids. Adding all the right safety features is going to make you feel more comfortable in the space. You also need to be sure that the layout of the home has a fire escape route that is realistic.

Incorporating these four things into your custom home building plan is a sure way to maximize the home completely both now and in the future. It also ensures that your excitement of the process isn't going to lead to the possibility of overlooking things that are actually some of the most important things to consider. 

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