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Four Eco-Friendly Roof Options On A Budget

If you want a new roof that's greener and more sustainable, you may already be aware that there are plenty of options out there. If you're worried about being limited by a budget, don't worry—you can still get an eco-friendly roof that looks good and can help save you money on utilities, all at a fair price.

White Roofs

This type of roof is self-explanatory; it literally means using a white material—often, but not always, metal—for your roof for the purpose of reflecting sunlight. While the material may not always be the most eco-friendly, it does help immensely by reflecting light that would otherwise be absorbed by darker roofs. This does more than just reduce cooling costs for your own home. It also helps combat the urban heat island effect, wherein heat is absorbed into roads, sidewalks, and buildings due to lack of vegetation. Consider a white roof doing a favor to both yourself and your neighborhood.

Metal Roofs

Nearly all metal roofs are considered cool roofs, and they also have the advantage of not using many of the materials that go into making asphalt and composite shingles. You can change the color of your roof with ease with metal, which means that if you want a metal and white roof, all you need is the paint. Metal roofs, especially standing seam metal roofs, are durable and long lasting, giving you between 30 and 50 years of life. As a bonus, some metal roofs also provide a unique and sleek aesthetic.

Recycled Material Roofs

One interesting option is to get your roofing from recycled materials. Not only is the material recycled, but it makes it easy to send back to recycle again if you ever decide on a new roof. Materials you may find range from plastic and rubber to wood fiber, giving you plenty of aesthetic choices, and they're designed to look good, too. These may not be the cheapest of these options, but they are also durable, with some companies giving you a 50-year guarantee.

Solar Panels

Solar panels have a vast variety of benefits, and in recent years, the price for purchase and installation has dropped significantly as the solar industry grows. Along with providing power to your home and helping you save electricity, they also act as a barrier between the sun and your roof tiles; sunlight that would otherwise be absorbed by your shingles or tiles is instead absorbed by the panels. Depending on where you live, solar is one of the most sustainable and reliable forms of energy out there. So if you don't need to replace your entire roof but want to look for improvements, solar could be an option for you. Be sure to have an expert come out and estimate how much you could save on energy, and if your home qualifies, before you decide on anything.

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