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Understanding The Benefits Of Dry Storing Your Boat

There are a lot of reasons to consider storing your boat out of the water, but doing so doesn't have to involve loading it on a trailer and moving it every time you want to use it. Installing a dock lift at your dock is a simple solution and it will increase the life of your boat. You might be surprised how much benefit there is to getting that boat up and out of the water when you are not using it.

Lifting The Boat

If you have a private dock, you can install a boat lift at it that will offer some very real benefits over time. The idea that a boat should be stored out of the water is hard for some people to understand but because it is better for many reasons. Statistically, 80 percent of boats that sink, do so at the dock. Something as simple as a loss of power at the dock can cause the bilge pump to stop working and allow the hull to fill up with water, sinking the boat. Some water infiltration is normal when a boat sits in the water, but if the boat is out of the water, there is no concern.

Performance Of The Boat

The hull of a boat is supposed to be smooth and sleek to effectively move through the water. A boat that is stored out of the water will benefit from not having a lot of buildup on the hull. May different aquatic organisms can attach themselves to the hull when the boat is sitting and it might not sound like it would really matter but that will affect the boat's performance. If your boat operates in salt water, barnacles are a very real problem if the boat sits at the dock.

Keeping The Boat Clean

Your boat will need to be cleaned regularly if you want to keep if looking nice. A boat stored on a lift is easier to clear because you can spray off the hull regularly. If you lift has a roof over it, you can keep the boat looking great with very little work. Wash it on a regular basis and it will be ready to go out and have some fun when you are.

Resale Value

If you are concerned about keeping the resale value of your boat up, storing it out of the water will make a difference. There is an estimated 15 to 20 percent higher resale value on boats stored dry over those that spend their entire lives in the water. While the market is going to bear different results from area to area, experts agree that this is an average in most marketplaces.

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