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How To Turn A Sitting Porch Into An Extra Bedroom

When you desperately need more space, but you cannot afford the $50,000 price tag of a single room, single story addition, what do you do? If you have a sitting porch or a covered porch, you are in luck. You can turn this funny little space into another bedroom quite easily. It may cost you close to half of a room addition on your home, but at least it would provide another small room for less. Here is how this project would work:

Step 1: Removing All the Paint

Most sitting porches have wood floors and posts to hold up the roof. To turn this space into a room, you have to remove all of the paint and wash all surface areas clean. This ensures that no paint flakes or chips end up in the finished room, a concern if you are going to house a child here.

Step 2: Remove the Siding

You will need to remove the siding from the house wall. Only remove the siding from the wall area inside the porch; not the areas outside the parameters of the porch. This will help you create the back wall of the room.

Step 3: Build the Other Three Walls

Keeping the supporting posts in place, remove the railings. Build up the walls from the outside in, using large flat sheets of wood. Once these exterior walls are constructed, you can reinforce the interior walls with added vertical stud boards and criss-cross reinforcing boards between the studs. This makes the outer and middle walls stronger. Fill the interior areas with insulation as you go so that the room remains warm in winter.

Step 4: Construct the Inner Walls and Install Windows/Remove Doors

Using sheets of wood again, attach them to the posts and stud boards. Do not worry about windows just yet; just enclose the space fully. Once the porch looks more like a room, cut openings in the walls where you want to put windows and create light.

Make sure the areas that you cut for windows DO NOT cut into the supporting roof posts! Install the windows, but keep the protective plastic on them until you finish the walls. Remove any doors you do not want leading from the outside into this bedroom-to-be. Then wall up the door space.

Step 5: The Details

Finally, make sure there is a heater/vent that feeds into the porch for heat. Check the porch light to make sure it provides enough electricity to see at night. Apply drywall sheets to bare wood walls. Plaster the drywall walls, and then, paint. That is it; your new room addition from a porch.

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