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The Basics To How The Arc Stud Welding Process Works

Stud welders are used to in the construction industry to fasten welds together. Stud welders are used to fasten together all sorts of different types of studs, such as those that are threaded and unthreaded. The two main types of stud welding are arch stud welding and capacitor discharge stud welding. Here are the basics to how arc stud welding works.

#1 Materials Used For Arc Welding

There are a variety of different materials that can be used with the arc welding. Metals such as aluminum, stainless steel as well as mild steel are the most commonly used materials for arc welding.

#2 Setting Up The Material

When performing arc welding, first you have to set up the material. When you set up the material, you are going to need to use both a fastener and a ceramic ferrule. Both of these two pieces are then placed firmly up against a work surface. They should be held against your work surface using spring tension.

#3 Triggering The Weld

Next, the welding gun should be placed right against the fastener and ceramic ferrule. Then, the gun should be triggered. When the gun is triggered, the welding process will happen so quickly you most likely will not see all of the steps that take place.

The welding gun is going to pull the fastener up and away from the work surface. As it pulls the fastener up, an electric arc passes through the fastener. This arc melts the end of the fastener and part of the base that the fastener should attach.

Then, the shield on the arch helps concentrate the heat. As the heat is concentrated, the end of the fastener and the base is heated up so that the melt is molten. This is where the strength of the weld comes into place. As the metal becomes molten, the welding gun then pushes the fastener down into the work surface, using force to ensure that the fastener and work surface are connected as the metal solidifies.

The enter process describe above literally takes place in the span of a few seconds. When someone works with a welding gun, they can do multiple welds ever minute, and tens if not hundreds of welds during an hour when working on a large construction project. The way that the melt on the fastener and the work surface or base is melted and molded together helps ensure that the weld and connection between these two materials is extremely strong. For more information regarding stud welding, visit sites such as

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