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Three Commonly-Asked Questions About Water Wells

Water wells can be an excellent source of water for homes that are not connected to a water system. Unfortunately, if you have never owned or had a well drilled before, you may not be very informed about this common water-delivery system.

What Is Involved With Locating Buried Water Sources?

Before a well can be drilled, it will be necessary to roughly isolate where a water source is most likely to be located. Unfortunately, this is an extremely difficult task that will require an experienced professional to do. Typically, this step will involve reviewing local permits for established water wells and geography to map the location of the water source. While this will not provide an exact location on your property where water will be located, it can greatly limit the scope of the search area. Once the area has been narrowed, a series of test holes may need to be drilled until the exact location of the water source is identified.

Can Your Well Collapse?

It can be a common concern among some homeowners that the water well will collapse. While this is a possibility, it is extremely rare when the well was drilled by a professional. These individuals have the equipment and training to know how to drill a stable hole in your home's soil. If you attempt to drill your water well without hiring these professionals, you may not be able to fully compensate for loose or soft soil, which could make your well far more likely to experience stability problems. If a well collapses, the area where it was located may be unsuitable for future construction without expensive repairs. By hiring professionals for this work, you can help to avoid these potentially serious problems.

Will A Water Well Require Any Special Care?

In most cases, a well will be able to provide your home with water for many years. However, you will need to appreciate some of the more basic maintenance steps that these wells require. For example, you will need to regularly inspect the soil around the well for signs of erosion. Uncontrolled erosion can eventually compromise the stability of the well. Additionally, you will need to have the pump serviced each year to prevent wear and tear from causing it to malfunction. Lastly, you will need to monitor the quality of your water, and you can do this by testing the water every few months. While this testing may seem a bit extreme, it can alert you to potential contaminations before they reach dangerous levels.

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