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Four Reasons To Keep Your Restaurant's Grease Trap Clean

As a restaurant owner, it's imperative that you keep your grease trap clean. Not only will failing to tackle this issue cause problems within your business, it can also have a wider impact. Here are just some of the reasons it is important that you have your grease traps cleaned by a professional.


Grease traps don't just contain waste; they often contain high levels of bacteria. One of the most dangerous things about these bacteria is that they can easily spread. The bacteria that forms in the grease trap from waste accumulation can eventually travel and make its way to other surfaces, including your food prep area. This is especially dangerous as bacteria will only create a health hazard for the food you serve.  Keeping the grease trap clean will minimize bacteria buildup and help prevent this issue.   


Keeping your grease trap clean can also help keep your restaurant's plumbing system in better condition. Grease traps contain fat, oil and grease from the foods you prepare. The problem is that once these solutions cool, they solidify. In this state, this creates a clog or blockage in the trap that prevents water from properly passing through. When the water is unable to pass through, it can cause a backup not just within your restaurant, but also for other businesses that you share plumbing connections with.  


Grease trap cleaning is also important for the environment. When the trap is clogged and water backs up, it ends up spilling over. This contaminated water can eventually make its way into bodies of water, grass and other areas where it can have a negative effect on wildlife and the environment. Again, regularly cleaning the grease trap is a way to avoid this and better protect the environment.


If nothing else moves you to clean your grease trap, the idea that you could be cited for failing to should move you in the right direction. In some states, you are required by law to have your restaurant's grease trap cleaned on a set schedule, such as once every 60 days. If you fail to have this service performed, you run the risk of being cited and fined by your local municipality. Should your failure lead to a widespread plumbing issue, you could face harsh fines.

Make sure you aren't overlooking the importance of this service to keep your business in better condition and your customers healthier. For more information about cleaning your grease trap, visit or a local professional.

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