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Privacy Options For French Doors

French doors can be a beautiful addition to a walk-out master bedroom. Opening the doors on a warm spring morning can give you a private place to enjoy your morning coffee, or you can bring out the wine for a romantic evening spent alone with the one you love. The issue is when you crave privacy, since the multiple windows on a French door can be a challenge to cover attractively. The following are a few ideas to add privacy to your doors without compromising their beauty.

Idea #1: Frosted Glass

By far the simplest option is to select doors with frosted panes. These will still let in plenty of light, but they won't allow any prying eyes to make out details inside the room. If you are purchasing new doors, choose those that have frosted panes. For existing doors, you can purchase a window film that gives the doors the appearance of frosted glass.

Idea #2: Glass Etching

Etched glass is the sophisticated cousin of frosted glass. Instead of just an even frosted appearance, etching has a pattern or design created by using different intensities of frosting. The design is permanently etched into the glass. You can purchase etched glass doors in a variety of designs. If you are creative, there are glass etching kits available at craft stores that will allow you to create your own design.

Idea #3: Stained Glass

Stained glass is an excellent option if you like the look of colored glass. You can opt for single colors or geometric designs, or you can go more ornate with floral patterns. True stained glass French doors can be purchased, or you can get a faux stain glass window film if you are on a budget or just want to makeover your existing doors.

Idea #4: Built-In Shades

Shades are an excellent option if you want both privacy and room darkening ability. The best option for a French door is to purchase one with built-in shades. These shades are installed between two panes of glass, so there is never a need to dust them and they won't bang around on the exterior of the door. They are operated by an external button that allows you to control how much they are opened and how much light is allowed inside.

Idea #4: Curtains or Sheers

These can be installed on existing doors. The key is to install both a top and bottom rod so the sheers don't blow around and so they stay flush to the door. Sheers are excellent if you still want light to come in, while curtains are better if you want a darker room.

For more information, contact Fas Windows and Doors or a similar company.

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