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Power Outages, Generator Issues, And Electrical Repair: How You Can Manage And Survive These Issues

Power outages are a fairly common occurrence everywhere, especially during powerful lightning storms. If you experience a power outage, it is usually short-lived. If the outage lasts longer than an hour or two and the power company cannot provide you with a time when they expect to have the problem fixed, you may want to use a generator to get some power back. If your generator is also having problems, here are some suggestions on how you can survive and manage these issues until all electrical repairs have been completed by the power company.

Check the Fuel Level in Your Generator

Sometimes the fuel level in your generator can dip when you have not used the generator for a while. The fuel needs a little extra priming and push to get into the generator's engine. If your generator has a priming button, try pushing it a few extra times. Also check the oil levels since the oil keeps the engine lubricated. If it still does not work, try jumpstarting the generator with jumper cables and your vehicle (make sure you read the instructions in your owner's manual for the generator before you try this). Once the generator is finally up and running, keep it full of fuel and be selective about what you plug into it.

Choosing Which Things to Plug Into the Generator

Your generator has limited power output and only a handful of outlets into which you can plug electronic and electric items. If you operate a business, then you will want to plug in everything necessary to run the business. However, you may have to cut back on the number of computers you have plugged in, the number of lights in the home or office, etc. Additionally, if you have a refrigerator for any purpose (work or personal) on the property, you will want to plug that in as well (especially if you have refrigerated medicines like insulin that need to remain cold).

Overnight Use of a Generator

If the power company still has not fixed the problems with your power by the time you go home from work or go to bed, be sure to unplug everything that is not absolutely vital to your business or your well-being. Plug these items back into the wall outlets in case the power is fixed by morning. Check the generator's fuel level again if you need to keep it running overnight, otherwise shut it off to conserve fuel. Until the power company has completed all of its electrical repairs, you may need to repeat this process.

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