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Soggy Lawn Keeping You Housebound? How To Correct The Problem & Take Back Your Lawn

If the mild spring weather is beckoning you outside, but you find yourself hanging out inside because of a troublesome soggy area in your lawn, it may be time to consider correcting the problem. Perpetually wet areas can have many causes, but luckily, most can be corrected fairly easily. The following information will offer insight that may be useful in determining the cause of your soggy lawn issues and what you can do to dry them up so you can once again enjoy your yard.  

Underground leaks from water supply or waste disposal systems

Most modern homes have one or more underground plumbing pipes that either bring potable water into the home or remove waste water and solids from the home. Although these pipes are manufactured for longevity, they can become damaged and develop leaks. Overtime, these leaks can cause a moist or soggy area to form on the surface of the lawn.

To find out if your soggy lawn is due to an underground leak in a water or sewage line, homeowners should first determine whether the wet area is above or near existing water lines, sewage pipes or any other part of an onsite sewage disposal system.

Homeowners who live in areas served by public water and sewer districts can ask those entities to provide information on the location of existing pipes. Likewise, those with onsite sewage systems can use documentation provided by the septic installer or plumbing contractor who installed the home's water and sewage systems.

No matter whether the excess moisture is being caused by a leak in a publicly or privately owned pipe, it is important to have it repaired as quickly as possible to allow the area to dry and prevent further damage to the leaking pipes or lines.  

Soil, terrain and drainage issues

Soggy lawn issues are also frequently caused by soil that does not drain well, or when the terrain is such that it allows rain water, storm runoff or melting snow to pool in the soggy areas.

Depending on the severity of the problem, homeowners can:

  • make sure that guttering and downspouts are working correctly
  • add downspout extenders that will unroll and move excess water out of the problem area during periods of excessive rain
  • make changes in landscaping to keep water from pooling, such as changing the contours of the land or installing drainage culverts

If the soggy area in your lawn is near the foundation of the home, it is important to address the issue without delay. Left alone, this type of problem could result in moisture seeping through the foundation of the home and into the basement or crawlspace. Installing a French drain system around the exterior of the home is a good way to remove excess moisture in these areas and protect the home from water infiltration and the damage that could result from it.

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