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The Benefits Of A Modulating Furnace

A modulating furnace refers to a type of furnace that can change the speed of its blower to precisely maintain the temperature within your home, instead of simply turning the fan on and off alternatively over time as the temperature changes. This distinctive method of supplying your home with hot air carries with it a number of unique benefits. Understanding the advantages associated with modulating furnaces can help you decide if a modulating furnace is the right fit for your home's needs.


A modulating furnace is better able to maintain the temperature within your home, and distribute heat evenly between different rooms. This reduces the likelihood of drafts occurring, and helps keep your home adequately heated during cold weather, especially when the temperature varies significantly throughout the day and night.


Modulating furnaces are able to use less energy to keep your home warm. This is because less energy is needed to run the blower of your furnace at lower speeds. This means that instead of having two stages (on and off), like traditional furnaces do, modulating furnaces are able to alternate the speed of their blower, resulting in a lower average fan speed, and thus lower overall energy usage. This can help save you money in the long run, especially if you have severe winters and need to run your furnace constantly.


Modulating furnaces will not suddenly kick into gear, waking you up in the middle of the night or interrupting conversation. This is because the blower will slowly speed up as needed, instead of simply switching on. This is a major benefit, especially if you leave your furnace on overnight, as most homeowners do.

Air Quality

Because the blower of a modulating furnace is constantly running, air is constantly moving through your furnace. This means that a modulating furnace is able to pass air through its air filter constantly, filtering out dust and other allergens out of your home's air supply. Over time, this will result in higher overall air quality, which can be a major advantage for those who have allergies or other respiratory diseases.

Moisture Control

In the same vein as improved air quality, a modulating furnace will constantly heat the air in your home, even if it is in small amounts at a time. This allows it to slowly and constantly evaporate water in the air supply, reducing the amount of moisture in the air and improving your overall comfort level. For more information, go to websites that discuss furnaces.   

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