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Three Basement Waterproofing Improvements To Keep Water Out Of Your Basement

If you have a finished basement, water can be a major problem. You may want to do improvements to keep the water out of your basement. There are some things that can help you deal with problems, such as moisture in your basement due to condensation. You may want to consider doing improvements inside and outside of your home to prevent these problems. Here are some tips to help you deal with your basement waterproofing problems: 

1. Improving Outdated Asphalt Sealant Waterproofing Systems

For many years, asphalt sealant has been the base of waterproofing for basements. It can work really well for years, but it will eventually deteriorate. The best way to protect your basement from flooding and leaks is an exterior waterproofing system, which will seal the exterior walls. The asphalt sealant can be replaced with newer membrane systems, which are less likely to deteriorate and will last longer than asphalt based waterproofing systems. The layered membranes will give your home better protection form water damage.

2. Adding An Interior Drainage System To Deal With Condensation

An interior drainage system can be another great improvement to your basement. It will not only help to deal with problems in case of flooding, but it can also help to deal with common problems that cause humid odors in basements, such as condensation. This can be used in addition to exterior drainage systems to help prevent problems with humidity in your basement. The interior drainage system will give water that gets into your basement a place to go.

3. Improvements To Exterior Grading And Drainage Systems

Outdoor grading can also affect the waterproofing in your basement. You can make improvements to the drainage of landscaping, as well as install drain pipes in areas like gutter downspouts. Doing these things will help to prevent problems with water. If you have a lot of water runoff, you may also want to consider having a dry well installed. This is a pit that is filled with gravel to allow water runoff to drain without flooding your property. This can be a good solution for homes that are near flood plains and prone to water problems

These are some tips to help improve the waterproofing in your basement and prevent damage to your home. If you are ready to start improving your home, contact a waterproofing contractor (such as one from B-Sure Systems Inc.) and talk with them doing some of these improvements to your home. 

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