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Clean Water: New Innovations To Ensure Maximum Cleanliness

Many city authorities claim their water is safe for consumption, yet more and more studies are determining that it may not be as safe as it's stated to be. Tests have revealed that the water often contains lead, disease-causing pathogens, arsenic, and many other potentially harmful chemicals. If you are concerned about the quality of your city's drinking water, then you may be taking special steps to ensure safety. Here are some upcoming innovations in water purification that may make water more suitable for drinking and bathing.

Desalination membrane

This water purification process involves combining polymers with nanoparticles and filtering water through a special membrane. This combination works like a magnet to attract water ions, but it repels dissolved salts, making drinking sea water a possibility. This system has already been introduced by the University of California Los Angeles, and it is an energy efficient way to create safe water derived from the ocean. In addition to making water safe for consumption, this unique process can decrease the occurrence of water shortages.

Sand & nanotechnology-based purifier

Created by a Tanzanian chemical engineer who was tired of the people in his country becoming ill due to contaminated drinking water, this water filter works in a unique manner. First of all, the sand traps harmful debris and bacteria, and the nanoparticles are able to remove all the chemical hazards. The inventor recently received an award for his innovative new water filter that will provide clean drinking water for people in Africa, as well as around the world.

A museum-worthy water filtering system

COSMO is a temporary device created by a young architect in New York. COSMO was built on an experimental basis, and not only is it currently on display in the courtyard of the art museum, Moma PS1, but it has been referred to as "strange looking." Despite its looks, this contraption has the ability to efficiently filter up to 3,000 gallons of water in a 4-day period.

Contaminated water is cleaned through a complex process that involves the use of ultraviolet light, which lowers nitrogen and phosphorus levels. The process also involves water flowing through various tubes, each of which has its own function. These tubes work in a synergetic manner to balance pH, remove harmful contaminants and increase the levels of dissolved oxygen. It is unknown whether water purification systems like COSMO will be on the market in the future, but the student who created it is hopeful.

Many new water treatment technologies are being created to make clean water available to third-world countries. However, these innovations, as well as current ones like those provided by companies like Always Pure Well Drilling, can also be useful in the United States and other developed countries. Not only can they improve the water purification process in general, but they can do so in a manner that saves both money and time.

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