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How To Pay For Roof Replacement

If you recently discovered that you need your roof replaced, you may be feeling stressed if you do not have the funds available to pay for it. A new roof can be expensive, and it can be a difficult burden on your finances. Thankfully, there are ways to help pay for a roof repair that will ease the financial burden and make it a little easier. Consider these 3 alternative ways to help pay for a new roof.

File An Insurance Claim

If your roof became damaged due to a storm that came through your town, it may be worth filing a claim with your insurance company to help pay for repairs. They will most likely send over an adjuster to look at the roof and verify the damage, as your insurance policy will not cover normal wear and tear over the years.

In the end, all you will have to pay is your insurance deductible, which could be a small portion of what it would have cost you to pay completely out of pocket.

Seek Help From A Nonprofit Organization

For repairs that you simply cannot afford, home equity loans can be the solution you are looking for. Unfortunately, this may not be an option if you do not have enough equity built up, or you have bad credit.

You can look into local nonprofit organizations that provide loans to low-income families for crucial structural home repairs. They can help you find an affordable and flexible loan when your local bank turns you down.

Apply For Grants

There are energy-efficiency focused grants that will help homeowners looking to improve energy use in their home and do not have the funds to do it. The Department of Energy provides an assistance program that gives homeowners up to $6,500 to help replace a roof and add more insulation in an effort to increase energy efficiency. The Department of Agriculture has a program that pays for as much as 25% of a project that add solar panels to a home, which can provide savings over time. The DOA also provides assistance for those that have low incomes, but have a home repair that is a safety and health hazard.

Paying for your new roof is not impossible if you know where to look for help. Once you have the funding you need, you should contact a local roofing contractor to have the necessary repairs done as soon as possible.

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