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No Access To A Municipal Sewer Plant: Why A Septic System Is Ideal For Your Home

Living too far away from a city can leave your home without access to a municipal sewer plant. However, you can still make sure the wastewater from your home is managed efficiently if you invest in a septic tank system. Below, discover what makes septic tank system ideal for wastewater disposal and how much getting the tank pumped will cost.

What Makes a Septic Tank System Ideal for Disposing of Wastewater?

A septic tank system is ideal in rural areas because it can provide a place for wastewater to go without harming your soil. The system will basically consist of two parts being installed, including a tank for filtering the waste and a drainfield for to get rid of the waste.

A septic tank system works through a connection to the plumbing system. When wastewater is sent through the plumbing pipes, it goes directly to the septic tank to go through the filtering process. The filtration process will consist of wastewater being separated into three layers. Solid waste from the water will either float or sink to the bottom of the tank, while liquid waste will remain in the middle of the solids. The liquids will then be distributed through soil by way of the drain field.

Bacteria in the wastewater will naturally get rid of the solids left inside of the septic tank. Any solid waste that is not naturally broken down by bacteria will have to be pumped out. You can hire a professional to pump the septic tank for you. Don't allow solids to accumulate in the tank for a long time, as the waste can eventually block liquids from going into the drainfield.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Septic Tank Pumped?

A few things can have an effect on how much a professional will charge to pump a septic tank. He or she will consider how easy the tank is to locate and how big it is. You can expect to pay an average of $350 for septic pumping. However, the price can go up as high as $850 depending on what work is necessary and the specific labor fees of the person hired for the task.

Make sure that the waste from your plumbing system is being properly filtered and disposed of. Invest in a septic tank system for you rural home, and make sure you occasionally get the tank pumped by a company like Enviro Clean Septic.

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