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Tech To Help You Get Your Car Ready To Go Quickly In The Morning After A Snow Storm

Unfortunately, snow storms rarely time themselves according to your need to go to work. You might not always have time the day before to remove snow and ice from your driveway and car in order to be able to get out in the morning. Fortunately, there are some tech gadgets available these days that will make getting your car ready to go in the morning easier and more expedient for people low on time.

Powered Ice Scrapers

It can definitely be frustrating to spend long minutes trying to scrape all of the snow and ice off of your car windshield to allow you to see while driving. One solution to this problem is to get a scraper that actually heats up.

The hot, powered scraper can then melt snow and ice rapidly so you don't have spent a lot of effort and time trying to get snow and ice from the same spot off your car.

Cables for Melting Snow

One effective way to remove snow from your driveway is to put special cables throughout your driveway that can heat up and just get rid of the snow by melting it. The melted snow can then simply flow down into your gutters like it would if it were rain water.

You can either clip these cables to the right areas near your driveway, or else have them built right into the surface of the asphalt. Cities such as Oak Park are already incorporating this approach. The cost is currently high in terms of electricity and maintenance, but future technological advancements are likely to drive this cost down.

Sensors in the sidewalk can actually detect the snow and heat up enough to safely melt and remove it automatically. There are plenty of versions available out there that are affordable for individuals and convenient for driveways as well.

High-Efficiency Snow blowers

It's hard to beat snow blowers when it comes to speed in removing large amounts of snow from your driveway quickly. The problem is that traditionally, a snow blower required using gas in order to function. This is often a pain in terms of having enough gas on hand all the time.

These days though, you can get snow blowers that have a rechargeable battery and that are wireless so that you can use them more easily.  You can often charge these snow blowers overnight as well, so they will be good to go without you having to go out and buy gas.

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