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Give Your Rusty Metal Roof A New Life With A Paint Job

If you have a rusty metal roof that you are just tired of looking at, with a little bit of hard work you can clean it up. Add some paint into the mix and your neighbors will be scratching their heads and wondering when you had a new roof installed. With a little help from your family, and a couple of free days, your roof will look better than new.

Scrub That Rust Away

In order to get rid of the rust that is now calling your roof home, you are going to have to use some serious arm power. You will need to take a stiff wire brush to your roof and use it to scrub away the rust. This step will go faster if you have a few family members join you in your rust scrubbing efforts. 

Wash Away The Rest Of The Rust

You will want to use a mixture of trisodium phosphate in water in order to clean your roof and get rid of the rest of the rust. You will want to use 1 cup of trisodium phosphate for every gallon of water you need to use. The best way to use this mixture is either by using a power washer or using your garden hose with a spray attachment. Allow your roof to sit, potentially overnight, before you move on.

Apply An Acid Based Etching Primer

Once the roof is dry, it is time to apply the primer. Metal roofs require a specific type of primer. Make sure you purchase an acid based etching primer. This primer will help your paint stick to the metal surface of your roof. The primer will also prevent rust from spreading on your roof. 

You can apply the sponger using a long roller brush or using a paint sprayer. If you use a paint sprayer, make sure you have a mask and eye goggles on. You should also make sure that nothing is downwind from your spraying; the spray is very thin and can carry really far. 

Allow the primer to sit as long as is recommended on the container. Generally, you need to wait at least 4 hours before you paint. Different primers require different waiting times, so be sure to check how long you need to let it sit before you move onto the next step. 

It Is Finally Time To Paint

Try to choose a primer that corresponds to the paint that you want to use. Using the same brand or manufacture of primer and paint often produces better results. 

You can apply the paint just like you applied the primer. You can either use a long roller brush or a paint sprayer. If you are going to use the paint sprayer again, make sure you flush it out with water so there is no primary left inside of it when you start to paint. 

Allow the paint to dry, and then add a second coat. A second coat will really allow the paint to adhere to the roof, and will better seal and protect your metal roof. 

With a little dedication and a few free weekends, your roof will look better than new. If you don't want to do all of these steps yourself, you can always hire a roofing company, such as West Plains Roofing, to assist you with your project. 

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