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How To Identify Recurring Mold And Eliminate It

The sight of mold anywhere in your home should send you to the nearest home improvement store to look for ways to destroy it. However, there are certain types of mold that refuse to be destroyed. When mold in your home perseveres, you have a recurring mold problem. Here are the steps you need to take if you hope to destroy recurring mold in your home.

1. Find the Moisture, Find the Mold

Mold cannot grow without moisture. You have probably noticed some mold in the grout in your bathroom tiles. Although this mold has nowhere else to go once you bleach and/or steam clean the grout, mold that gets into other areas of your home will keep coming back. The first step in eliminating recurring mold in your walls, ceiling or attic is to find the source of moisture.

2. Get a Mold Inspection to Make Sure It Is Safe

No mold is really safe if you have a family member with allergies, but some molds are, and can be, lethal. Before you attempt to clean up any moldy areas you uncover in your home, get a professional mold inspection done by professionals, such as those from MoldStoppers. You do not want to spend any time in the hospital because you were trying to save money and avoid paying an inspector.

3. Clean Moldy Areas Thoroughly and Seal Them

If the areas in question are in a place you can easily get to, then you will first want to stop the moisture at its source. If you can, seal the area well with waterproofing caulk. Then scrub the area completely with a mold and mildew cleaner. Make sure the area is well-ventilated such that it can dry thoroughly before you close it off again.

4. Replace Any Wooden Sections of Your Home Affected by Mold

The attic is one such place where mold is aggressive. Rather than waste your time trying to scrub and destroy recurring mold here, just replace the beams that are affected. You may also want to hire a roofing contractor to check your roof for leaks and assist with beam replacement such that your home is not only mold-free but also has a sound roof.

For the Extremely Problematic Molds

Despite all of your hard work and efforts, you may run into a moldy area that is extremely stubborn and will not go away. Now is the time to call in a mold removal expert because you have done all of the above and this mold is too hard to get rid of on your own. The mold removal expert uses heat and radiation instruments to try and treat the problem, tools which you do not have access to. The expert may also suggest that you completely remove and restore this section of your home because it would cost less than it would to remove the mold and try to seal it off from moisture.

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