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3 Ways To Resolve Your Garbage Disposal Issues

Has your garbage disposal stopped working? If so, then this could cause backups in your sink, which can prevent you from being able to wash dishes and prep meals. This can be extremely inconvenient, and you may want to avoid having to wait days for a local plumber to provide you with repairs. Rather than wait for a professional service, you may want to perform this appliance repair on your own since it is usually very easy to do. So, to resolve your garbage disposal issues, you will want to try the following:

Resetting It:

If there is an electrical break in your disposal unit, then this means that your appliance is not getting the proper amount of electricity needed to fully operate. This can often be fixed by resetting the circuit switch. You will find a small red button underneath your disposal unit, which you will want to press down if it has been lifted. Pressing this button down will reset your disposal unit, which will likely allow your unit to start working again.

Manually Turn The Disposal Blades:

If your unit makes noise but the disposal blades are not turning then this could mean that your blades are stuck due to a large food item blocking the blades from turning. Manually turning your blades can be something that will resolve this issue, so you may want to attempt this if your blades do not turn. First you will want to locate the hole underneath your disposal unit. This should be located near the red circuit break switch. Once located, place a wrench into the hole and begin turning clock and counter-clockwise. This will manually spin the blades so that you can apply additional force to break through any large food item blocking your blades from spinning.

Pour Baking Soda Down Your Sink:

Have you tried manually turning the blades and you still cannot get them to process any large food item? If so, try pouring some baking soda down into your drain. This will soften and help break down any food item blocking your disposal blades so that you can have an easier and better attempt at manually pushing your blades through the large food item.

With these tips, you will likely be able to resolve your garbage disposal issues so you can continue to access your sink without any water backup issues. These methods can be very effective and can save you the cost of having to hire someone to perform repair services for you/.

If these tips don't work, call a business such as Appliance Service Co Inc.

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