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Porta Potties At Your Wedding? Dress Them Up And Make Them More Comfortable For Your Guests

If you are having a wedding in an area where there are no bathrooms, you will need to use porta potties for your guests. Instead of having the traditional porta potties, you can dress them up for your wedding, as well as set them up so they are comfortable for you guests.  

Add Scent

If you have ever used a porta potty, you know the water in the tank has a chemical smell. Add some scents to the water, such as cinnamon, to give it more of a nice smell for your guests. Contact the porta potty company, like B & B Drain Tech Inc, and ask how you can add some liquid scents to the tank.

You could also place a basket filled with fragrant potpourri inside of the porta potty.


Purchase some flameless candles, and set them inside of the porta potty. You should not use real candles with fire, however. These candles look like a regular candle only safer, and you can buy scented ones to make the porta potty smell nicer.


You can decorate the outside of the porta potty. One idea is to put some lace or other type of curtains on the front of the door. You could string lights around the outside of it. Hang some wall art using double-sided tape on the outside as well as on the inside.

Write the story of how you and your partner met on card stock paper, and then hang it up on the inside door using adhesive tape.

Reading Materials

Hang a magazine rack on the inside door of the porta potty. You can purchase racks that have adhesive tabs that will not harm the paint. Fill it with different types of magazines.

Bathroom Essentials

Put decorative baskets filled with hand wipes either inside or outside of the porta potty. You could also put small lotions, hand sanitizer, band-aids, hair spray, aspirin, and safety pins in the baskets.

Decorate the baskets with ribbons that coordinate with your wedding colors.

Keeping it Clean

Make sure you keep the porta potty clean throughout your wedding. Ask the porta potty company if they have attendants to provide this service to you. If not, you may want to consider hiring someone.

You may want to consider having a handicapped porta potty in case someone needs this. Talk with the porta potty company to see if they have one available for you. You should also make sure you have a plumber's number ready just in case you have problems.

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