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Transforming Your Flooring To A Stained Concrete Floor

In many homes there are concrete floors that are covered in carpet. As time passes, carpet can get worn out and dirty. When it comes time to remove the carpet, you may want to consider a different option for flooring in your home. Stained concrete can have a beautiful look and be very useful.

Most people do not think of concrete as a viable solution for flooring in a home but there are many benefits to it.

Benefits of Stained Concrete Flooring

1. Durability and Maintenance. Stained concrete floors are extremely durable. If something falls on them, they are less likely to chip than tile or wood floors. Concrete floors are very easy to maintain, especially when they have been stained and sealed. If something spills on them, it can be easily wiped up.

2. Design Versatility. With many different kinds of stains and patterns, you can make concrete look like almost anything. You could make the concrete floor look like tile, wood, stone, or many other designs.

3. Easily Upgraded. If you want to update the flooring to carpet, wood or tile in the future, this can be easily done. These types of flooring can be used to cover the concrete if and when you decide to upgrade the flooring.

How to Remove Previous Flooring and Stain Concrete

1. Remove Items and Pull Carpet. Before you can stain the concrete floor, you will need to remove furniture and other items from the room. You will then need to pull up all of the carpet or other flooring.

2. Clean Surface. When carpet or wood flooring is on concrete, it is often adhered using a strong glue. You will need to scrape the glue off and clean up all of the excess materials. You will then want to mop the concrete floor so that it is clean.

3. Apply the Stain. You will want to tape off the areas that you do not want to stain. Once the areas are taped, you can then proceed to apply the stain. You can apply the stain evenly by using a paint sprayer or even a garden sprayer.

4. Apply Sealant. Once the concrete stain has dried, you will want to seal it to protect it from moisture and other damage. Use a paint roller to roll the sealer over the concrete floor. Once the sealant has dried, you can move furniture and other items back into the room.

This is a great way to use the already existing concrete floors in your home to make a beautiful concrete finished floor. If you have other questions about concrete staining, try contacting a company like Southwest Coating Solutions with any questions or concerns you might have.

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