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Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit By Removing Rust And Dirt

The life of your air conditioning unit depends on proper care and upkeep. The compressor is a vital piece of your unit that is responsible for transferring the cooled air through a pipe that connects to your home. Take the cover off of the compressor so that you can inspect the inside for rust and dirt. With a few materials, you can clean the condenser coils so that your unit works efficiently and is able to keep you cool whenever you turn your unit on.

Use These Items

  • screwdriver
  • vacuum cleaner
  • small paintbrush 
  • rust remover (jelly or spray form)
  • wire brush
  • clean cloth
  • work gloves
  • rust inhibitor
  • water hose

Lift The Cover And Vacuum Loose Dirt

Turn off the power to your unit while completing the maintenance steps. Locate the screws on the outside of the compressor. They are holding the cover in place. Loosen each screw with a screwdriver and lift the outside panel up so that you have access to the inside components. You will see the motor, fan assembly, and a grid-like structure that is made out of metal. These are the condenser coils and will be the main section that you will be cleaning. Vacuum visible dirt by using the hose on your vacuum cleaner. Wipe away dust with a clean cloth. 

Clean The Coils

Cover your hands with work gloves before using the rust remover. They will keep your hands protected from strong chemicals that aid in removing rust spots. Apply rust remover to the coils. Some removers are sprayed on and others are the consistency of jelly and need to be applied by hand. If you have a spray, stand back several inches and liberally apply the product to the exposed metal. If you need to apply the remover by hand, apply it with a small paintbrush.

Leave the remover on the coils for several minutes so that it is able to penetrate and break up the rust that has formed. This product will also aid in loosening dirt that is stuck in between the coils. Use a wire brush to remove rust particles.. This may take several minutes to complete. Using consistent pressure will help to speed up the process.

Rinse The Coils Off With Water And Add Rust Inhibitor

Spray a water hose over the coils. Wait for the coils to dry. Apply rust inhibitor to the areas that you have just cleaned. This type of spray is designed for use on metal and will prevent corrosion from occurring in the future. Apply an even coating of this product from several inches away. Line up the cover to the compressor and insert the screws. Tighten them with the screwdriver. Turn the power on to your air conditioning unit. You can use it with confidence, knowing that the inside is clean and free from any obstructions. If you find that your AC unit is beyond you, contact a professional, such as through

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